QT Sync 0.4.0b2 (Public Beta)
"Slow and steady wins the race..."

This public beta includes the following...
Folder Splitter 0.9b10
This version fixes several issues including a possible StackOverflow.
Long Time No See :-)
Sorry for the lack of updates in the last year. QT Sync and Folder Splitter are projects which...

Folder Splitter

What is "Folder Splitter"?

  • A helper application, that can split one large folder into several smaller ones.


  • Define the Maximum Size of the Destination Folders. (useful if you want to backup the folders to CDs/DVDs)
  • Decide, whether to move or copy the files to their new destination.
  • Choose between the option to keep the files in their alphabetical order or to minimize the number of required Destination Folders.
  • Include a Log File with every new folder.
  • "Folder UnSplit": Combine the splitted folders to a new single folder. (Reverse the Splitting process.)

What does Folder Splitter look like? Where can I find a manual?

What does Folder Splitter cost?

  • Nothing. Folder Splitter is Freeware !

Download Folder Splitter

Folder Splitter Version: 0.9b10
Filesize: 5.8 MB (.dmg)
Release Date: 9. Mar 2009
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Platform: PPC/Intel (Universal Binary)
Price: Freeware
Download Folder Splitter 0.9b10 (beta release, 2010)

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