QT Sync 0.4.0b2 (Public Beta)
"Slow and steady wins the race..."

This public beta includes the following...
Folder Splitter 0.9b10
This version fixes several issues including a possible StackOverflow.
Long Time No See :-)
Sorry for the lack of updates in the last year. QT Sync and Folder Splitter are projects which...

Folder Splitter - Version History

9. Mar 09 - 0.9b10

- Fixes a StackOverflow for deep folder hierarchies.
- Sorting is now numerical.
- LogFile shoould now handle unicode characters better.
- Folder Splitter's very first step is to count all the source items. This is now reflected in the status bars (instead of Folder Splitter just being unresponsive.)

9. Dec 07 - 0.9b9

- Fixes some graphical glitches on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.
- LogFile - Cosmetic Issue: A ":" was missing between the file path and the file name. Fixed.
- Under some circumstances (especially when the Source Folder was on a NTFS or FAT32 volume) the alphabetical Folder Split would not produce the desired result: The folders inside the source folders were not alphabetically sorted. Fixed.

9. Sep 07 - 0.9b8

- A lot of changes to the User Interface.
- Added: Toolbars for a more convenient way to open a new Splitter or UnSplitter Window.
- Rewrote big parts of the internal Engine. It is a lot more flexible now and should allow to add new features more easily.
- New Options for Folder Split: Choose, what to do with invisible Files and Aliases.
- Added a Preview.
- Added a detailed Result Log.
- Added multiple Language Support.
- Fixed: Splitting: The warning "There are x Files which are larger than y MB. These Files will end up in a seperate folder called "Leftovers". Are you sure this is what you want ?" showed the wrong number of files or (under some circumstances) did not show up at all.
The warning now also shows the size of the largest file.
- Improved the Determination of the Files' length. (Now takes a Block Size of 4 KB into account.)
- Fixed: Progressbar(s) will now show "Remaining Time" while unsplitting.
- Fixed: LogFile for Splitting: When "Copy Log File to every Destination Folder" was checked while "Copy Log File to Destination Location" was unchecked, the LogFile was actually not copied.

19. Feb 07 - 0.9b7

- Folder Splitter refused to copy/move files with names containing non-US characters (Mac OS X 10.4.x only). Fixed.

18. Feb 07 - 0.9b6

- New Criteria for Folder Splitting: "Maximum Number of Items".
- New UnSplitting Option to automatically rename all files (and optionally) folders.
- Preferences System completely rewritten.
- Perfomance Improvements.
- Cosmetic Changes to the User Interface.

16. Dec 06 - 0.9b5

- On Mac OS X 10.3.9 and earlier: Only dataforks of Files were copied/moved. Fixed. This bug was introduced in 0.9b4.

13. Dec 06 - 0.9b4

- Bundles (like Applications, etc.) are now recognised and handled properly. (Icons are included and the Bundle is handled as one file.)
- The application should not lock up anymore while copying/moving.
- Added: When a Duplicate is found and the user is aked what to do, the upcoming Dialog has the option to calculate the MD5 hash sum for both files.
- Added: "Reveal File in Finder" Buttons In the Duplicate Dialog.
- Added: When copying/moving a file fails, a new Dialog with more detailed Error messages will come up. This dialog will give the user the option to "retry" the Copying/Moving, to skip that particular file or to abort the Splitting/UnSplitting.
- Progressbar changed: The new progressbar does not look as fancy as the MacOS ProgressBar, but it saves a lot of CPU.
- Fixed some typos.
- Cosmetic changes and minor fixes

29. Oct 06 - 0.9b3

- First public release.