QT Sync 0.4.0b2 (Public Beta)
"Slow and steady wins the race..."

This public beta includes the following...
Folder Splitter 0.9b10
This version fixes several issues including a possible StackOverflow.
Long Time No See :-)
Sorry for the lack of updates in the last year. QT Sync and Folder Splitter are projects which...

QT Sync

What is "QT Sync"?

  • QT Sync is a QuickTime Movie Player, Movie Sync Fixer, TimeCode Inserter, Movie Ratio Changer and much more... And it's Free !

What can you do with QT Sync ?

  • Watch your movies in Full Screen.
  • Correct Audio/Video Sync problems "on-the-fly".
  • Works also great with Airfoil. Visit the FAQ page to learn more.
  • Change the Aspect Ratio of movies without losing quality. (No re-encoding needed.)
  • Combine movies which have been splitted into several parts.
  • Crop the movie.
  • Insert a text track with TimeCode or Feet+Frames information into the movie.

More Details

  • QT Sync plays all QuickTime movie files. (This includes .mov, .avi, .mpg, etc.)
  • It has a normal and a Full screen mode.
  • The difference ("offset") between picture and sound is shown alternatively as "frames" (pictures), milliseconds or "TimeScale units" (the internal time unit of QuickTime).
  • You can enter the offset for video and/or audio tracks either in a nice little controller window or (in the Full screen mode) by using shortcuts.
  • QT Sync supports both the input of numerical values (you may have seen this in other "syncing" programs) and the "shifting" of tracks in adjustable steps.
  • The "sync"ed movies can be saved either as "Reference Movie" or "Self-Contained Movie" (QuickTime-compatible). (Saving as "Reference Movie" is recommended if the original movie file is not to be changed. A reference movie is only several 100 KB in size, because it does not contain the actual picture and sound data, but only controller data. But you always need the original movie file for playing.)

Public Beta: QT Sync 0.4.0b2

  • Supports now movies with up to 21 tracks.
  • TC Inserter: The fontsize is shown in points and can be selected freely. / New Transparency Option: "Blend" / Added 59.94d, 59.94nd, 60d, 60nd Support. / Fixed some playback performance issues after inserting a TC track.
  • Some User Interface changes.
  • Intel only. Tested on 10.6, 10.7, 10.8.
Known Issues:
  • MPEG2 capabilities only on 10.6.8. (The needed MPEG2 Playback Component will not work on Lion or higher.)
  • Some movies saved with QT Sync will not playback properly with the QuickTime X Player. You have to export (=re-encode) them first. (Or use QuickTime Player 7 instead.)

Download QT Sync

QT Sync Version: 0.3.3
Filesize: 7.8 MB (.dmg)
Release Date: 17. Dec 2007
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Platform: PPC/Intel (Universal Binary)
Price: Freeware
Download QT Sync 0.3.3 (stable release, 2007)

Download QT Sync 0.4.0b2 (beta release, 2014)

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